Backlit Signs


For businesses looking into ways to promote their services, backlit signs can be an inexpensive alternative to neon or LED. Although not quite as dramatic as neon, these are still very effective at attracting attention. There are many different applications for which a backlit design is appropriate. They are often used in large marquee-type signage, such as those seen in shopping centers. Businesses have found that having their name illuminated in this fashion makes it more noticeable to their customers day or night.

These types of signs are also being used more often indoors. By using them, businesses are able to create beautiful displays that draw the customerís attention to specific products. They are also becoming increasingly popular at tradeshows because they can be used to create beautiful full-color displays that are portable and almost impossible to ignore.

Backlit SignsBacklit signs most often take the form of a light box. These are florescent-powered signs usually constructed of ABS plastic for even illumination and maximum durability. They are lighter in weight than neon types, making them easy to transport for use at tradeshows or in multiple locations. Also, their bulbs can be easily replaced.

At, you will find a variety of backlit and neon signs for many types of businesses. There are backlit open signs as well as ones for restrooms and drive-thru service. There are ones specifically for salons to highlight their services, such as tanning or nails, or to announce that walk-ins are welcome. There are also types created specifically for restaurants and financial institutions. There are even signs to advertise ATMs and Wi-Fi service.

Beyond what is already in stock, Jantec Neon is also capable of manufacturing custom signs for any business. You will work with a professional designer to create customized product that will definitely set your business apart from the competition. Since you donít have to deal with the constraints of neon, you can incorporate very complicated designs that will serve your individual needs. It is the perfect opportunity to highlight your businessí name or logo for instant brand recognition.

Backlit has a very large selection of backlit and neon signs, clocks, and art work as well as window borders. There are also LED signs, inexpensive vinyl banners, vinyl window graphics, swinging sidewalk signs, and message boards. For custom signs and just about anything you want to promote your business, your online source is