Business Signs

Business Signs


How important are your business signs? We have all heard the expression, ďYou only get one chance to make a good first impression.Ē Well, your business signs are the first impression your potential customers get of your company. A sharp custom neon sign is very different from a painted board of battered wood. What kind of impression are your customers getting?

Business SignsBefore a customer even steps foot in your door, and often before they pull into the parking lot, they see your business sign. It can entice them to come inside or just keep driving. How unfortunate it would be if that potential customer never even gave your business a chance because they were turned off by the poor quality of your signage.

So what difference does it make? Business signs can leave a lasting impression on the people who see them and you always want to make sure that impression is a good one. If someone sees a cheap, low-quality, or faded old sign, they are going to think that you donít care, and if you donít care about your own business, then why should they?

You should always present the best possible image of your company. Your signs represent your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A great sign, like a flashy custom neon model, is like free advertising, keeping your name on the minds of people who see it. A bad one is like bug repellent, keeping your customers away. It is true that some customers may find you anyway and overlook your poor-quality signs, but to succeed you need to keep continually bringing in new customers. You donít want even one potential customer to pass you by.

Business SignsThat being said, you also donít want to entrust the making of your signs to just anyone. A reputable manufacturer should be able to show you examples of their work. They should be willing to give you references and an accurate cost estimate for signs of a specific type and size, whether itís custom neon or a more conventional type, so that you can compare prices with other manufacturers.

It is important not to let anyone talk you into something you donít really want. Be open to suggestions, but donít settle for something that isnít right for you. Also keep in mind that sometimes you do get what you pay for. You donít want to jump on the lowest bid just to save a little money now. Remember that you want those signs to last a long time and represent your company in a favorable light. A little more money spent on quality work now will save you money in the long run.