Custom Sign Design


At Jantec Sign Group, we specialize in custom sign design. Many businesses depend on us to create original signage to help promote their products and services and attract customers.

There are a variety of signs that we can custom build for you. Whether it is a neon sign, light box, banner, sidewalk sign, message board sign, window graphic, or window border, our artists can create a custom sign design you will love.

Neon signs

Custom Sign DesignWe can bend glass any which way you want. When you need a custom sign design, there's nothing better than neon to promote your products and services. Neon has been around for more than 100 years and shows no indications of losing its popularity. The vibrant, bright colors of a neon sign will attract customers to your business. For an economical price, you can customize one of our stock neon designs with your own message. Every one of our neon artisans has gone through extensive training to transform your ideas into a neon work of art. Ask us how we can turn your idea into a custom neon creation.

Light Boxes

Light boxes are a great way to display your business's products, services and messages in full color. A light box is also a great way to switch out a custom sign design. A sign slides into the frame of the light box and is illuminated, or back lit, by fluorescent lights. If you need an idea of how a light box could promote the products and services, just look at the light boxes that movie theaters use to promote upcoming films.


Custom Sign DesignA banner is a great way to tell your customers what you have going on inside your establishment. We can develop a custom sign design for your banner to promote your products and services. If you have an upcoming sale and you want to attract people with a wild and crazy design, our sign artists can make it happen. Check out standard banner sizes, pick one, and customize it with your message and logo.

Message Board Signs and Sidewalk signs

When you need to let your customers know about an upcoming or ongoing sale, a message board or sidewalk sign is the perfect option. We can create a design for your message board and sidewalk signs that is completely original and related to the services and products of your business. If you are a pizza shop, you may have a favorite Italian chef mascot you want printed on the message board. If you own a tattoo shop, you may wish to use a message board sign that depicts some of the designs you are known for.

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