Custom Signs


Improve your image with Custom Signs.

What do your business signs say about you? Donít let poor quality signage bring your business down. Custom Signs can give any business a more professional image. They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Well, the first impression your customers are getting of your business comes when they see your sign. What do you want that first impression to be?

Custom Neon SignUnfortunately, looks do matter and your business is being judged by potential customers before they even walk through the door. Poor quality signs can give the impression that your business also lacks quality. That can be enough to turn some customers away without giving you a chance. If you are opening a new business, you have not had the time to build a reputation for yourself, so you have to be especially careful not to send the wrong message by skimping on your signs.

Despite what you might think, Custom Signs donít have to be expensive. There are many great sources out there for Custom Signs and it is possible to get beautiful, quality signs without breaking the bank. The hardest part is often deciding what you want your signs to look like and what kind of materials to use. The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to Custom Signs.

Some of the decision making process may be taken away from you depending on your location. Local ordinances or lease agreements may dictate what type of signs you are allowed to display including their size, location and whether the signs can be illuminated or not.

Custom Neon SignWhen you are clear about what type of Custom Signs are allowed in your area and have some idea about your design, you can start shopping around for your options. If you are considering an illuminated sign, there is really nothing better than neon. Neon signs command attention with their bright colors and distinctive glow.  Just about any design concept you can think of can be translated into a neon sign. Neon can be seen easily, day or night, from a significant distance. 

If you want the very best quality in the neon sign industry today, the name to trust is Jantec Neon. For more than 17 years, Jantec Neon has been creating high quality, hand crafted neon lights for homes and businesses all over the United States. Each sign is meticulously made with hand bent, real neon glass tubing, giving you the ultimate in beauty and performance.

With a custom neon sign from Jantec Neon, your business will give a first impression of quality, excitement and fun. More importantly, Custom Signs from Jantec Neon have that unmistakable glow that is sure to get your business noticed.