Flashing Neon Signs


Flashing Neon Signs are eye-catching, bold, and impossible to ignore. Itís no wonder that they have been used to attract attention to businesses for more than 100 years. Since their creation, neon signs have been unsurpassed as a means for businesses to get noticed. Although many people associate them with movie theaters, gas stations, and bars, the truth is that any business can benefit from Flashing Neon Signs.

Neon open signs are perhaps the most commonly seen type. The message they send is clear. When you see a flashing open sign, you automatically know that that particular establishment is open and ready for business. Sometimes thatís all your potential customers need to know to entice them through your door. Flashing Neon Signs can be seen clearly day and night, even at considerable distances. You wonít have to worry any more that customers will pass by your business because they arenít sure you are open.

Flashing Neon SignThese signs also provide a great way to highlight a product or service. Let every person who passes by your business, whether on foot or in a vehicle, know what your business has to offer. It doesnít matter if you own a coffee shop, pizza parlor, or nail salonóthere are signs for nearly every type of business.

Just imagine what a neon sign featuring a steaming cup of coffee could do for a coffee shop on a cold winterís day. Coffee is just the beginning. There are variations that feature hot slices of pizza, sandwiches, donuts, and even sushi. Donít have a restaurant? There are also signs made especially for barber shops and beauty parlors, nail and tanning salons, tattoo and piercing businesses, even dog groomers and tax preparers. There are literally hundreds of stock neon signs on the market today to promote just about any type of business, and if you canít find one thatís perfect for your particular business you can always have one custom-made to your specifications.

If you are in the market for Flashing Neon Signs, take a look at the large selection available at JantecNeon.com, a leader in custom neon manufacturing for over 17 years.  If Jantec does not have the perfect sign already in stock for your business, they can custom make Flashing Neon Signs for you. Jantec Neonís signs are still made the old-fashioned way. Each one is meticulously handmade by a skilled neon glass artist using real neon glass.

Just about any idea you can imagine can be made into a beautiful neon sign. If you have a design idea, Jantec Neonís artists will work with you to bring that idea to life. These Flashing Neon Signs are beautiful and built to last, so if you want to get noticed, get neonóJantec Neon.