Lighted Business Signs


There are many advantages to having Lighted Business Signs. The most important benefit is that business signs that are lighted up are more likely to be seen than ones that are not lighted up. Since it is impossible to sell anything if your potential customers don’t know where you are, the first step to making sure your store gets noticed is to put up a well-lit sign.

Lighted Business SignsThere are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to Lighted Business Signs. The most basic option involves spot lighting an existing sign. Although this option is the most economical, it is sometimes not enough to ensure that your business gets noticed.

Many large shopping centers use marquee-style signs that are essentially light boxes.  These usually have the business’ name and/or logo featured in durable plastic and then lighted from the back for effect. A properly lit sign is easy to read day or night.

Other options include LED and neon signs.  LED varieties are becoming increasingly popular because they are economical to operate. They are bright and very noticeable. Some LED signs can also be programmed to display changing messages. LED business signs are especially useful in situations where constantly changing information needs to be displayed, such as a special sale or event to announce. While serving the purpose of getting noticed, some people find LED light to be harsh and too informal for certain applications.

Perhaps the most highly recognized and longest lived varieties are neon signs. For nearly 100 years, neon signs have been used by businesses of all types for the sole purpose of getting noticed. It's beautiful colors and unmistakable glow make it impossible to ignore. These signs are still popular today for one reason –  they work.

Lighted Business SignsThe options available in neon go well beyond the neon “Open” signs seen just about everywhere. Neon signs can be as simple or unique as the customer would like. They can be designed to reflect the personality and style of whatever organization they represent. Neon Lighted Business Signs can highlight a name, logo, product or service.

The beauty of neon is that it draws the eye and can be seen clearly, even at a distance. One of these well placed signs can be more effective for promoting your business than a multitude of print advertisements. Every time a potential customer passes by is another opportunity to make sure your business gets noticed. And if you want to get noticed, nothing beats neon.