Lighted Neon Signs


Advertise your products and services or just make a statement with lighted neon signs from Jantec.

For the past 18 years, Jantec has been the manufacturer businesses depend on for their signs and accessories. There are three ways a neon sign can benefit a business: it will generate excitement among your customers and employees, resulting in increased sales and profits; promote a specific product in your establishment to push high margin products; and be your 24/7 salesperson.

Lighted Neon SignsPlease take a moment to browse through our site to find signs that can benefit your business. Here is a brief overview of each of our product categories. 

Open neon signs: Let your customers know when you're open and closed for business. These open signs start as low as $79. Choose from a collection of several dozen available from Jantec. We even have signs that reflect the specific nature of your business, such as a hair salon, tattoo parlor, ice cream shop, coffee shop, pizza parlor, hamburger joint, tax preparation, barber shop, pawn shop, and pharmacy.

Business neon signs: Sometimes businesses need more than open and closed lighted neon signs. They need signs to promote their products and services. We have dozens of in-stock products to choose from. Let customers know you have an ATM; you're an airbrush artist; you sew alterations; you sell antiques; you buy and sell gold and silver; you're a Realtor; you're a travel agent.  

Custom neon signs: If you don't see the product you want in stock, but you have an idea of what you'd like it to say, a custom sign might be the solution. Our professional designers can take your ideas to create a one-of-a-kind product that your customers can't ignore.

Neon sculptures: When words aren't enough, a neon sculpture may be the answer. Choose from dozens of sculptures already in stock. If you own an automotive repair shop, buy a neon sculpture of a hot rod or chopper. Bowling alleys can get a bowling ball and pin sculpture. Want a theme for your travel business? There are plenty of desert and island theme sculptures of cacti and palm trees. We can even custom design a neon sculpture.

Lighted Neon SignsNeon sports signs: A sports bar, pub or tavern wouldn't be complete without a neon sports sign. We have a complete line of licensed NFL neon signs and MLB baseball signs. Show your team spirit!

Sign Accessories:  Already have a neon sign? Looking for replacement transformers, remotes and power switches to replace worn out parts? Jantec has a complete stock of accessories you need.