Neon Lights


For more than 100 years businesses have invested in neon lights to promote products and services. At Jantec Sign Group we continue that century-long tradition of neon light signage. Please take a moment to read about some of the neon products we offer.

Open Neon Signs

Neon LightsHow will people know if you are open unless you have a sign telling them that you are ready for business? An open sign in neon lights can grab a customer's attention, letting them know you are inside and ready to serve them. We manufacture all of our stock open neon signs. That means we have a large selection of open signs available at manufacturer direct pricing. When you invest in neon lights, the return on your investment will be achieved in no time. We have a stock of more than 100 varieties of open signs for you to browse.

Business Neon Signs

If you need to order a neon sign for a specific industry, we have organized our stock alphabetically so you can search by industry. Whether you are a pet shop, restaurant, pizza parlor, hair salon, motel, pawn shop, home improvement store, music shop or pharmacy, we have the neon sign for you to let customers know what services and products you offer.

Custom Neon Signs

Don't see what you are looking for in our extensive stock? Ask about our custom neon signs. We specialize in one-of-kind creations. Whether you need a custom neon sign for your home or business, our sign artists can take your ideas and display them in neon. We have three different types of customized neon signs: letter-only, templates and custom artistic.

A letter-only sign is a very economical way to create your own message in neon lights. Letter-only neon signs start at a base price of $139. You can choose a letter-only neon sign with or without borders with up to three lines of text and a choice of several font styles. You can order these directly from our website.

Neon LightsA template neon sign combines your own message with one of our stock templates. These signs start at $199. There are many different graphics available to choose from.

Custom artistic neon signs give you the ultimate in customization. These signs cost more than our template and letter-only signs, but they offer flexibility. Use your own design or logo and message for a truly unique sign. We pair you one-on-one with one of our professional sign designers to bring your ideas to life.

As you can see, there are many options at Jantec for your business when it comes to promoting your business in neon lights.