Neon Signage


Neon Signage has long been used as an effective form of advertising. For about the cost of one newspaper advertisement, quality Neon Signage will promote your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years. What makes it so effective? The human eye is naturally attracted to light and color. Neonís warm glow and brilliant colors easily attract attention. With some strategic placement of well-designed signs in view of passing traffic, any type of business will start to notice a significant increase in the number of customers coming through their doors.

Neon SignageNo business can succeed if potential customers donít know they are there. Neon Signage gives any business the opportunity to make itself known to every person who walks, drives or wanders by. It does not matter if they come inside on that particular day or not. Every time someone passes by it is another opportunity to make your business known and leave a lasting, glowing impression. Just like a television or radio advertisement, the repeat exposure of Neon Signage will eventually entice potential customers inside to experience your business for themselves.

Without some simple Neon Signage to attract their attention, many potential customers would continue to pass by day after day without ever knowing your business is there. Donít let that happen to you. Make sure your business gets noticed with quality signage.

There are many types of Neon Signage available. Even a simple neon open sign can enhance your business. It will attract the attention of people passing by and let them know that your business is open and ready for customers. If you want to step things up a bit, you can easily find signs to promote a product or service your business offers. This type of signage is often seen in the windows or restaurants or bars, but is also seen at businesses that provide services like salons, tax preparers and even tattoo parlors.

Neon SignageIf you are interested in getting Neon Signage for your business, you can find hundreds of examples in stock and available for immediate delivery right here at If you are unable to find the perfect products for your business, Jantec Neon would be happy to create beautiful custom signs for you that are just as unique as your business. Try putting your company name or logo up in lights for a totally one-of-a-kind piece.

When you want to get noticed, there really is nothing that compares to neon. Bring your business out of the shadows and into the light. Start getting noticed with beautiful signs from Jantec Neon today.