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Want to make your pizza place stand out from all the rest? You can with neon Pizza Signs from Jantec Neon. At, we have a large collection of fun, eye catching Pizza Signs all in beautiful, glowing neon light. These signs are sure to attract attention. Our neon Pizza Signs will continuously promote your business night and day, year after year for less than the cost of a single newspaper ad. As effective as they are affordable, our neon signs can be seen from a distance.

Pizza SignsIt is no secret that neon is an unbeatable form of advertising. Since its invention almost 100 years ago, neon has been catching our attention and luring us closer to its eerie glow. Practically irresistible, you can’t catch a glimpse of a neon sign without taking notice of the message it displays.

Pizza is a competitive business, especially when your neighborhood shop is trying to compete with the big national pizza chains. You need an edge to show potential customers that your place is special and unique.  Neon Pizza Signs are just what you need to get your business noticed and bring more customers through your door.

How many potential customers drive by your pizza shop every day? How many of them even know you are there? A few well placed neon Pizza Signs in your front window and every person that passes by now gets the message. They know where you are and they know you have pizza. That’s all it takes to create a lasting, glowing impression in the minds of all those potential customers. The next time they think about pizza, they will remember your sign, and before long, they will come in to try out your pizza for themselves.

Pizza SignsAt, you will find Pizza Signs sure to entice anyone with steaming pizza depicted in beautiful glowing neon light. There are also signs that can be customized with your phone number for delivery, signs for pizza by the slice, wings, calzones, pasta, salads, subs and more. Everything you can imagine to make sure your pizza place stands out and gets noticed is here. You will even find animated signs and signs that display your business name or personal message.

If you are looking for something really special, Jantec Neon can custom make Pizza Signs especially for your restaurant. Putting your business name or logo in neon lights will make a statement that is impossible to miss and build brand awareness. Make sure your pizza place is the one that everyone is talking about.

Stop hiding in the shadows of the big pizza chains. Let Jantec Neon show you the light. Make sure your pizza place gets noticed with neon Pizza Signs from



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FP-35-25 NEW
Pizza Slices Neon Sign

32" wide x 16" high

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