Sidewalk Signs


Sidewalk Signs stop customers in their tracks.

Sidewalk SignsWe have all seen the sandwich board type Sidewalk Signs perched outside of various business establishments. Their subject matter covers a range of topics from sales announcements to services offered to grand openings to lunch specials. Sometimes they offer only words of wisdom or, perhaps, birthday wishes. No matter what message Sidewalk Signs display, their purpose is the same: catching  the eyes of people as they walk or drive by.

They are, after all, called Sidewalk Signs for a reason. When a sign is placed in front of a business and even slightly obstructs the flow of traffic, people walking down the sidewalk will undoubtedly pause and take notice of what's in their path. Those few seconds are all you need to communicate your message about the products and services you have to offer as a business.

Sidewalk Signs that are in view of automobile traffic can be even more effective, especially in areas where traffic must stop. In this situation, a short, simple message is best since people waiting in traffic tend to have very little patience. Some amusing or a catchy slogan displayed on Sidewalk Signs could brighten the day of a weary traveler and lure them in to check out your business.

Despite being very effective forms of advertising, some business owners are reluctant to use Sidewalk Signs because they think they look unprofessional, or they have seen too many that have rusted or fallen over in gusty winds. That doesnít have to be the case anymore.

Sidewalk SignsAt, we have taken everything good about Sidewalk Signs and made them even better.  Our Sidewalk Swinger Sign is the ultimate in outdoor signs. These signs are versatile, portable, affordable and easy to assemble. These signs have a sleek contemporary design that commands attention. A heavy base combined with a swinging message board means these Sidewalk Signs can stand up to the heavy wind gusts an not fall over.

Jantecís Swinger Sidewalk Signs are made from a rustproof techno polymer with steel supports to add durability and stability. Completely weather proof, they can stand up to windy and rainy conditions. They are available in either white or black if you want an even more elegant look. These large, double sided signs can accommodate up to 7 lines of type on each side. Each sign order includes a set of 300 4-inch letters, numbers and symbols. Completely changeable messages can give you unlimited message possibilities with our Sidewalk Signs.

To add even more interest to your Sidewalk Signs, we have a large assortment of headers to fit your sidewalk swinger. Highlight your business, announce a sale or special or create your own customized message header with your company name or logo.

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