Vinyl Banners


Vinyl Banners are everywhere. It seems as though any way you turn, you can see Vinyl Banners; announcing grand openings or sales, clearances and open houses. They can also be seen at trade shows and announcing festivals, at art shows and parades and even in stadiums and on ball fields.

Vinyl BannersSo, why are Vinyl Banners so popular? The main reason, they are cheap. Advertising can be expensive. Take out one newspaper or magazine ad to announce a sale and you could be out several hundred dollars. Plus you’ll have to plan ahead; design your Ad and wait for it to run before you see results. Vinyl Banners, on the other hand, are very inexpensive and can be made very quickly. If you decided to purchase Vinyl Banners today, you could probably have them printed and hanging by the end of the week.

Vinyl Banners are lightweight and portable and appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. They can be transported easily from place to place, making them perfect for trade shows and festivals. You can use them for a while and then roll them up and put them away until you need them again. They can be stored easily while taking up very little space.

Another reason why Vinyl Banners are so popular – they work. The fact that we notice them everywhere we go just confirms that they are doing their job. Vinyl Banners are colorful and eye catching, they can stand up to the weather and they are quite durable. You can get years of use out of Vinyl Banners that cost a fraction of what you would spend on a newspaper advertisement.

Vinyl Banners have evolved over the years. In the past, you were likely to see large banners featuring only one or two words such as “SALE,” “Clearance” or “OPEN HOUSE.” Today banners range from very simple to complex. You can see anything from a single colored font on a solid background to full color photographic images. Even these more elaborate versions of Vinyl Banners are still very inexpensive for a very effective form of advertising.

Vinyl BannersWhen considering Vinyl Banners for your business it is important to take into account the location where they will be used. Vinyl Banners come in a range of sizes, thickness and in varying degrees of strength and durability. Choose a thicker banner for long term outdoor use and look for full color banners that are also UV protected to help prevent fading. Choose sizes that can be seen clearly from a distance but not so large that they appear messy or unprofessional.

If you are looking for an effective yet economical way to spend your advertising dollars, Vinyl Banners can‘t be beat.