Neon Sign Backing Options

Neon Sign Backing Options

Matte Black

Matte Black Backing

Our standard backing option provides Maximum visibility of your sign by creating the highest amount of contrast between the light of your neon tubes and the backing material; All electrical components will blend in and be out of sight with this option.

Smoked Lexan

Smoked Lexan Backing

The Smoked Lexan Backing emulates a tinted window, providing good visibility of your sign from the outside while also allowing you to be able to see "through" your sign to the outside of your window.


Clear Lexan

Clear Lexan Backing

The Clear Lexan Backing option works well for instances where you need to be able to see out of the window where your sign will hang.  This option will also allow for natural light to enter as well.  Please note that this option does reduce the visibility of your neon tubing and makes the electrical components much more noticeable.

Contoured Backing

Contoured Black Backing

A Contoured Black Backing option is a Great Way to accent any sign which will be wall mounted indoors.  This type of backing is custom shaped around the sign design and creates a beautiful effect once the sign is hanging.  Due to design layout, this option may not be available on all signs.  Please call us at 888-526-8321 for details.

Outdoor Option available on most Neon Signs also.  Click Here for more Information.