U.L. Listed Option

UL Listed Sign Option
UL Certified Manufacturer

We are proud to be a U.L Certified production facility. This allows us to manufacture Neon Signs that are fully U.L. Listed and which include a U.L. Certification label on the back of all Neon Signs purchased with this option.  Below you will find a list of questions and answers about this option that may be helpful in your decision to purchase or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to add the U.L. Listed Option to my neon sign?

We suggest to check with your local building code to find out if this option is required as there are places which now require all window signage to be U.L. Certified; however, most businesses are not required to have this option for an indoor neon sign.

Does a U.L Listed Neon Sign use a different type of power supply?

No, the exact same U.L. Listed power supply is used on both our Standard and our U.L. Listed Neon Signs.

What is the difference between a U.L neon sign and a Standard neon sign?

From a normal viewing distance, there is no visible difference between both sign types. The U.L. Listed neon sign will utilize a Black or Clear Lexan Backing, with  a metal plate that is mounted between the power supply and the backing material, and all elecrical wiring on the U.L. sign will be wrapped in sleeving. Then a unique U.L. Serial number label will be applied onto the back of the sign.

Can you convert my Standard neon sign into a U.L. Listed neon sign?

Unfortunately, a U.L. Listed neon sign must be completely manufactured using all U.L. components, and a conversion from a standard sign would not be cost-effective or possible.