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Next Day Shipment on Many of our Neon SignsHundreds of Neon Signs available with a Next Day Shipment Guarantee!
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Add Excitement to Your Establishment!

Neon Signs will generate excitement with both

your employees and your customers, resulting

in more sales and profit for you!


A week after we opened we purchased this Neon Window Sign. We noticed an immediate increase in business with many customers mentioning the neon sign. It paid for itself in less than 1 WEEK!


Increase your High Margin Products!

For instance, a "Shakes" Neon Sign can subtly

sway your customers to buy more "Shakes"

instead of Soda, increasing your profits!


Neon Can Be Your 24/7 Salesperson!

Talk about a Good Deal!  Over the 5 - 7 year

life of a neon sign you are talking about a total

cost of less than 10 cents per day!

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How a Neon Sign is Made

First is the Design. A quality neon sign starts with a good design. Not just any artist can design a good neon sign, he/she must be proficient in both artistic presentation, and know the physical limits of the neon medium. Constraints the artist must be aware of include:

•  The layout of the high voltage wiring. The electrical current must flow in a linear fashion from the beginning of the design to the very end WITHOUT coming in proximity with any other part of the neon sign that has a different voltage.

•  The artist must be good at capturing the "essence" of the design element he/she is trying to present within the constraints of the neon medium (ie, round tubes, of limited diameter, with a fixed pallet of colors).

•  The artist must understand that "emitted" light (from a neon tube) is NOT the same as "reflected" light that comes from a painted or printed piece of paper.

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Jantec Neon offers one of the largest selections of quality neon signs for sale today. We are a proud manufacturer of quality USA-made neon signs built to provide our customers with years of trouble-free operation. Benefits of buying a sign from Jantec Neon include:

  • Real Neon at competitive pricing
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff available by phone to help
  • Instantly attract new customers
  • More customers equal more sales for your business
  • Vast selection of signage is only a click away

For the cost of a single newspaper ad, a custom neon sign will continue working for your business 24 hours a day, every day, year after year, while a newspaper ad is thrown in the recycling bin after one day, never to be seen again.

A brilliant well-placed sign can easily generate sales by drawing attention to your higher margin items. For instance, stock neon signs that advertise one of your higher priced items can subtly influence people to purchase that item instead of a lower margin item.

Do people know that your business is open? We currently have over 150 “open” neon signs available for purchase. Quality neon open signs, when properly installed, do much more than just say you're open; they let your customers know that they are welcome, wanted, and that you are inside waiting to serve them! Don't just choose the cheapest neon signs available and risk ruining the reputation of your business. Custom neon signs give you the ability to create a sign tailored exactly to your needs!

We carry a large selection of neon signs for various industries, and we can also manufacture customized signs to your exact specifications. If you can't find what you need on our site, just give us a call, and one of our friendly sales staff members will be happy to provide you with a free quote. You can read why so many of our customers choose Jantec in our feedback section.

In addition to neon signs, we carry many other products, including neon clocks, window border tubing, static cling window signs, sidewalk signs, vinyl banners, light boxes, message boards, marker boards, and various neon sculptures. We also supply neon accessories such as transformers and GTO wiring. Please give us a call at 888-526-8321 and speak with a real person on our friendly staff. Jantec Neon has years of experience helping thousands of businesses get the attention of their customers and improving their sales. Let us show you how you can improve yours!


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