Vintage Neon Signs

Classic Neon Signs

If you are tired of having the same exact neon sign as everyone else, or just want a more Classic look, our Vintage Neon Signs may be exactly you need. These Classic Neon Signs, combining classic neon tubing and aluminum, are a great alternative to an ordinary window neon sign. We can manufacture each of our Vintage Neon Signs for Indoor or Outdoor use, as well.  With a Variety of Design Options such as Custom Case Colors, Vinyl Design, and Rounded Case Ends, these classic neon signs are truly one-of-a-kind!

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Vintage Sign Components and Layout
  • Vintage Style Metal Construction; our Vintage Outdoor Neon Signs consist of High-Quality Aluminum which will never Rust or Corrode.
  • Our Custom Vintage Neon Signs are UL-Certified and rated for Indoor and Outdoor Use.
  • Lightweight, Modular Construction allows you to save Big $$ by Installing the sign yourself.  Multiple Hanger options allow for easy installation onto your wall, hanging from your ceiling, or onto a horizontal bar or pole.
  • Choose from an Array of Neon Tubing Colors, and three Standard casement colors (Brick Red, Matte Black & Raw Aluminum).  You may also Customize the Color of your sign case to match your building, or to a PMS color for an additional charge.
  • Available with Vinyl Graphics applied Directly to the Sign Face behind the Neon Tubing to add More Detail and Style to your Classic Neon Sign.
  • We deliver each of our Custom Vintage Neon Signs via Freight directly to your business location.  Local pickup from our NC facility is also available.
Vintage Neon Sign Examples
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Choose from One of Our Standard Vintage Sign Designs, or let us Build a Custom Vintage Creation!

Standard Vintage Neon Signs
Custom Vintage Neon Signs