Christmas 2018

Production Team in Warren PAI am guessing that our story begins a lot like yours- with a desire for independence and the freedom to chart your own destiny. 

In 1993 Jan Legere (our founder) left his job as president of a light bulb manufacturer to start his own business.  He went from setting up lamp plants in China & Thailand and working with NASA on the space shuttle to bending glass in the corner of his basement.  It was a huge change, but it was worth it!

Being a small business owner can be tough, but Jan’s passion to build his own business became a passion to help you build yours.    Neon is the best advertising for a retail Owner - Jan Legerebusiness. It’s like social media for your window.  Offering passers by a glimpse of what you have to offer, giving hints about your personality and even letting people know that you are OPEN right now!   Best of all neon does its job 24 hours a day 7 days a week for years, all without distracting you from your day to day activities! 

From the very beginning we built a different experience for small business owners.  We began with the Tanning Industry and created the sign designs these salons needed to prosper.  We were able to make the signs inexpensively in batches and ship them via UPS.  This was much less expensive than going to a local sign shop.   When you own a small business, every penny counts! Tasty Corners, Jamestown NY

Over the years we have expanded our markets and now proudly serve, salons, restaurants, smoke shops, financial industries and many more.   But if you don’t see what you want, don’t worry.  We now have designers on staff that can help you create just the sign you need!  Using our “neon only” business plan still lets us create customsignage at fraction of the price of a local sign shop.

1078 S. Main St, Mount AiryWhen our retail shop customers began asking for specific branded signs, we realized that brand owners needed help too.  Smaller brands just couldn’t make the huge minimum orders needed to import from China, local sign shops were too expensive, and delivery of a delicate product could be a nightmare.  Jantec now has programs that can help you advertise your brand regardless of the quantity you need.  We even take care of shipping them directly to your retailers.  No headaches or hassles, you have more important things to do!   

Jantec grew out of the basement many years ago, but we have never forgotten our roots.   Our passion is helping your business succeed! 

Lisa with a Vintage Style Neon Sign