If you are looking for a career, Jantec Sign Group may be the place for you!  Jantec Sign Group offers above average earnings, flexible schedules with minimal night or weekend work, and a friendly company atmosphere intent on helping you succeed!  Due to the nature of our business, most of our full time employees are filled from a pool of part time "trainees".  If you are looking for full time work, do not hesitate to apply for the part time positions; simply note on your application that you are seeking eventual full time employment.

The Following Positions are Now Available:

Assembly / Packing Position

We are a growing company and have a position open in ASSEMBLY / PACKING. Applicant will start with part time hours, but will quickly move to full time if you show the abilities we are looking for and desire full time hours. Starting pay is $10.00 + / hr., and is based upon experience.

Applicant must be motivated & a self-starter. We will provide training for specific skills that you will need to succeed at Jantec Sign Group.

Our Team Members enjoy rewarding jobs with flexible hours, excellent pay, and a pleasant work environment! We rarely work nights, weekends, or holidays. Full Time or Part Time hours are available.

  • Location: Mount Airy
  • Compensation: Based on Experience
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Neon Tube Bender

Jantec Neon Products is a growing company looking for Neon Tube Benders. Tube benders heat straight sticks of glass over a burner and bend them into the desired shape using a pattern. Experienced benders are invited to apply, but we expect to provide on the job training for most individuals. Applicants can expect to learn bending a couple hours each day and work on the assembly line for the remainder of the day. As training progresses more time is spent in bending and less in assembly. Speed of progression is dependent on applicant. Full training to become a master bender may take up to 2 years.

This is a position for those seeking a career and not a job. Due to the incredible amount of time and money involved in training we seek those who are looking only for long term employment. Regular attendance is extremely important. We seek to hire individuals who will merge well with our "low drama" family atmosphere.

While we do provide training, we find that people with certain skills tend to have an easier time learning. Specifically those who have the ability to work there left and right hands separately- such as musicians, woodworkers, crafters and sometimes even gamers. Please include any experience you believe may make you a good candidate.

Applicants are paid with an hourly base pay of $10, plus a commission based on the amount of glass produced. Many experienced benders make more money on commission than they do the base pay.

  • Location: Mount Airy
  • Compensation: $10 per hour + Commission
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We are now seeking motivated individuals to work in our maintenance department. We are seeking someone who is able to maintain and improve our work environment as well as assist in sign production on occasion. Basic carpentry, plumbing and electrical work would be required. Expect to use saws and power tools on a regular basis. Creative problem solving and a can-do attitude are a must! Compensation is dependent upon experience.

Jantec offers first shift employment with steady hours. Weekend and evening hours are rare. We pride ourselves in our low drama, family environment.

Starting pay is $10.00 + / hr., and is based upon experience.

  • Location: Mount Airy
  • Compensation: $10 per hour
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