Custom Neon Signs for Sale
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Click Here to Request a Free Custom Sign Quote!

Not quite sure what you want?  Check out our Custom Neon Sign options below:

Letters-Only Neon Signs
Hundreds of Letter, Color & Border Style Options Available with our Custom Letters Only Neon Signs
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The most economical way to create a custom neon sign using your very own custom message!

  • Base Sign Prices Start at Only $165
  • Available in your Choice of Size, Letter Style, Neon Colors, and Border Options.
  • Quickly and Easily Create Your Custom Message with Up to 3 Lines of Text Available.
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Template Neon Signs
Our Custom Template Neon Signs are an Excellent Way to Add a Custom Look to your Home or Office
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Add your custom message to one of our design templates to create a quick & easy custom neon sign solution!

  • Most Signs Include Your Custom Message for Only $229!
  • Many Different Font, Layout and Graphic Options to Choose From.
  • Simply Add your Message to our Pre-Made Graphics & Layouts; Quick & Easy!
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Custom Artistic Neon Signs
Custom Artistic Neon Signs are the Most Effective Way to Attract Attention!
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Fully customizable neon signs that attract maximum attention; let us create a design from your logo or sketch today!

  • Prices Start at Only $299
  • Complete Flexibility of all Neon Sign Design Elements.
  • Neon Business Logos and Volume Orders with Quantity-based Price Breaks Available
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Order Direct from the World's Largest Manufacturer of Custom Neon Signs!

Get your establishment noticed with custom neon business signs from Jantec Neon—watch how many new clients start coming through your front door. These aren't just standard neon signs. The handcrafted, custom neon signs for sale from Jantec Neon will do more than just attract attention. They will make a statement that is as unique as your business. Let your potential clients know that there is something extraordinary about your organization and they will want to come and see for themselves. Whether you need a single, personalized neon sign for your home or business or hundreds of signs for your franchise locations, we have you covered! We offer a variety of custom options, ranging from economical letters-only neon signs to full custom neon business signs, that will draw immediate attention to your establishment. Order our custom neon signs online, today—our professional designers are ready to work with you one-on-one to help you customize your own neon sign that’s both effective and budget-friendly.

  • Custom neon signs from Jantec Neon will give your business the competitive edge it needs to stand out and outshine your business competitors. For less than the cost of a single short duration newspaper advertisement, your custom-made neon signs will provide years of around-the-clock service, while tirelessly promoting your business enterprise day and night.

  • Imagine your company name or logo glowing in splendid neon. Not only will your storefront be immediately noticed, but you will start building a visible brand that passersby will begin to recognize and remember and possibly even start talking about. How many potential clients do you think walk by your business each and every day? That’s how many chances you’re passing up to promote your business and leave a lasting impression on each person that sees the custom-made neon sign in your storefront.

Since their beginning nearly 100 years ago, neon signs have been considered an unbeatable form of advertisement. With their eye-catching colors and affordable prices, custom neon signs can be easily seen in any lighting environment and from a considerable distance away. They're no longer reserved for movie theaters and casinos; businesses everywhere are discovering the power of neon advertising. A well-placed neon sign can mean the difference between potential store patrons coming into your business today or not even noticing your storefront and walking on by.

Jantec Neon is one of the world’s largest providers of custom neon signs online. We have been helping companies like yours get noticed for over 17 years and we can help you too. Browse the many options in our catalog and let us show you how to bring your advertising ideas to fruition. Our staff has truly talented artists that will translate your idea into a one-of-a-kind, beautiful, vibrant work of art. Each of our creations is meticulously crafted using genuine hand bent neon tubing, bent by skilled glass benders right here in Mt. Airy, NC. Attractive and built to last, Jantec Neon signs will provide years of trusty service.

So don't keep watching potential customers walk right by your establishment. If you want your business to stand out, call us today and discover the power of neon signs for yourself. At Jantec Neon, we carry custom neon signs for sale for personal and professional use.