Custom Neon Lights


Have you ever considered using a neon sign for a sale that can advertise and draw customers to your business?

The eye-catching beauty of a neon light works in virtually any location. No longer reserved for movie theaters, bars or the Las Vegas strip, neon lights can add excitement and drama to any business. A well-placed neon sign can attract more customers to your business than any newspaper advertisement. Imagine your company name or logo prominently displayed in beautiful neon lights. Night and day, your sign will promote your business – even when you’re not there. It won’t take long before curious people passing by become your newest customers.


Practically any idea you can imagine can be transformed into custom neon lights. For over 17 years, Jantec Neon has been leading the industry in the creation of hand-crafted neon signs right here in the U.S.A..

Whether you have a design in mind or you would like one to be created for you, Jantec’s professionally trained artists can transform your ideas into an incredible display. Jantec Neon takes pride in providing the highest quality custom neon lights and signs in the industry today. This starts with utilizing only real neon glass tubing. Each piece is then meticulously hand bent by skilled artisans who understand the capabilities and limitations of the materials. Every completed piece is built to provide years of reliable service with beauty.

If you really want to outshine your competition, there is nothing better than neon

Take your business out of the dark ages with Custom Neon Lights from Jantec Neon. Contact us today.