Neon Clocks


Neon Clocks reminiscent of the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s take us back to simpler times in American history. Just seeing them on a wall can easily conjure up images of diners, gas stations and soda shops of the past. These places are where our parents or grandparents may have frequented in their youth and later enthusiastically shared those memories with us. When we are privileged enough to visit one of those few remaining icons of American culture today, we are instantly transported to another place and time—an easier, happier time full of jukeboxes, drive-ins and sock hops.

Neon ClocksSince their creation, Neon Clocks have typically been used by commercial establishments for marketing purposes. The bright lights of these colorful clocks easily attracted attention and then gave the opportunity to do some not-so-subliminal advertising.

Beverages have always been a popular theme for Neon Clocks, especially famous soda and beer brands. Often found at diners, soda shops and bars, these subtle reminders kept patrons thirsty for the most popular brands. Automobile and motorcycle manufacturers were often seen at gas stations and repair shops as well as gas and oil company logos. Music and entertainment images have also been popular designs.

No longer restricted to restaurants, bars and gas stations, Neon Clocks have become welcome decorative items for any home or business. For anyone who would like to grab hold of that nostalgia and feeling of simpler times, these clocks are still available from a variety of sources today and are perhaps even more popular than ever.

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