Neon Power Supply


The heart of any neon sign is the Neon Power Supply. Your neon light won’t shine without a power supply. Also called a neon sign transformer, a power supply delivers high-voltage electricity to the tubes that make up a sign. The electricity excites the electrons in the neon gas atoms, causing the tubes to illuminate.

It is not the color of the glass tubes that creates neon’s brilliant colors. While the tubes themselves are clear, it is the gasses inside the tubes and their reaction to any phosphorus coating inside the tubes that create the different colors. Different gasses will emit a different color glow when they are exposed high-voltage electricity supplied by a Neon Power Supply. The intensity at which the lights glow will also vary depending on the voltage of the electricity supplied by the power supply. The higher the voltage, the brighter the tubes will glow. Likewise, the larger the diameter of the tubes used in the neon sign, the more voltage that must be produced to create the same level of brightness.

Neon Power SupplyAnother factor that affects how powerful the Neon Power Supply must be is the size of the sign. The larger the sign, the larger the supply should be. That is why you can purchase a power supply in a range of voltages to fit varying applications. In some instances, a single sign might require more than one power supply. This is often the case with neon “No Vacancy” signs. The tubes forming the words “No” and “Vacancy” are each connected to a separate supply. This allows the “No” to be turned on and off independently of the rest of the sign or even set to flash on and off to make it more noticeable during the day and at night.

Another function of power supplies is to control the intensity of the sign. It is even possible to purchase a Neon Power Supply with dimming capabilities to allow you to change the intensity of the sign. This is especially useful in certain lighting situations where the sign may appear too bright to be truly appealing.

In most cases, when you purchase a neon sign, it will come equipped with a supply that is appropriate for its size. There are times, however, when a supply may fail or must be replaced with one that includes dimming capabilities. It is important when replacing or upgrading a power supply to choose one with the correct voltage for your neon sign. It is always best to consult a professional if you are unsure which size power supply is the best.

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