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Neon Sign MakerHave you ever wondered how neon signs are made? Neon Sign Maker Jantec Neon has been creating beautiful custom signs for more than 17 years right here in the USA. In all that time, the process has basically remained the same.

To make a quality neon sign, Neon Sign Makers must start with a good design. This is not as easy as you might think. It just isn’t enough to be artistic; the creator must also understand the features and limitations of the neon medium.

For example, the Neon Sign Maker must be able to keep the essence of the design intact while working within the constraints of the round tubes and fixed color palette. The sign creator also has to have a complete understanding of how to lay out the high-voltage wiring for the piece to ensure that each section receives enough power from the transformer to properly illuminate.

There are essentially six steps that the creator must complete to create a quality neon sign:

  1. The neon tubing is prepared for use by coating the interior with a liquid phosphor suspension and then drying it in an oven. Any color tints that will be used are also added to the tubing at this point in the same manner. Tubes are not tinted if the final color will be red or blue since these colors are the result of the gas itself.

  2. The sign creator then bends the tubes into shape using a full-size template of the design as a pattern. Gas burners are used to heat the tubing until it is soft enough to bend and then the artists hand bend each piece to fit the template. After the tubes are shaped, electrodes are attached.

  3. Impurities must be removed from the tubing to prevent flickering and hot spots in the finished piece. This is done by “bombarding” the tubes with ultra-high current that heats the tubes, forcing impurities out.

  4. The sign maker then fills the tubes with gas at a very low pressure.

  5. The gas-filled tubes are then put through an aging process to allow the gas in the tubes to stabilize. This is basically a test run at a higher than normal current.

  6. Finally, the Neon Sign Maker can mount the neon light on its framework if the sign is small enough. Very large signs must be mounted in pieces on a building or support structure.

If you are looking for the best-quality neon signs on the market today, it pays to go to the best Neon Sign Maker, Jantec Neon. If you want to get noticed, get neon.

Neon Sign Maker