Open Closed Sign


Every business needs an open/closed sign.

How will your customers know when you're open and closed for business? An open/closed sign, of course.

Open Closed SignThere are too many businesses without some kind of signage to indicate when they are available to serve their customers

Going without one of these signs on a door or in a window could send the wrong message to your potential customers. Many consumers are so accustomed to seeing an open and closed sign everywhere that it has become a necessary part of doing business.

At Jantec Sign Group, we have the open/closed sign you need to tell your customers when you are available to serve them. Whether it is an outside banner, a sidewalk sign, light box, message board or a neon sign to hang in the window, we have a variety of outdoor and inside signs designed to tell your customers when you’re open for business. Just choose which design you want for your business and we'll ship it immediately

Neon signs

Open Closed SignNeon signs have been used for more than a century to promote a business's products and services. A neon open/closed sign can cost as little as $65 at Jantec—it is an excellent investment that will shine for many years to come. We have neon open and closed signage for all types of businesses. If you are a hair salon, tattoo parlor, ice cream shop or tax preparer, we have themed signs for you to use for your business. Can't find the one that is right for your business? Do you have an idea for a neon sign? Our artists can take your ideas and create a customized neon product that your customers are sure to notice.

Light Boxes

If you want a sign to display full-color graphics in vibrant light, a light box might be your best bet. We have several different light box designs available. 

Our customer service representatives are available to answer any questions you have pertaining to the signage we manufacture. All of our signs are made in the USA from our manufacturing facility. For more than 18 years, we have been the company many businesses trust to make high-quality signs.