Shipping Information

All of our Quality Neon Signs are specifically designed, and constructed to withstand the rigors of the "UPS & FedEx Shipping Process" and include our No Breakage Guarantee.  If for some reason your sign is damaged by the carrier, all you have to do is call us at 888-526-8321 and report the damage within 24 hours of receipt.  Once notified, we will have the damaged sign picked up from your location and returned to us.  Once received, we will promptly replace or repair the sign and re-ship it to you at absolutely no cost to you!  Our breakage guarantee is good both throughout the shipping process and also covers accidental breakage during the first 30 days you own your sign (this includes any breakage during the installation process).  Our goal is to make sure your neon sign purchase is a great experience both before and after the sale!  Please click here to view our warranty page.

If you are considering ordering a sign somewhere else, it is important to verify that the sign has been constructed to withstand the "UPS & FedEx shipping process" (if not, breakage may occur for a large percentage of the shipments).  It is also important to verify that the person or company you are buying the sign from guarantees that the sign will arrive unbroken, and will repair or replace it at their expense if it does arrive broken. Many of our competitors will only ship you replacement glass if your sign arrives damaged; leaving YOU with the responsibility of repairing your damaged sign.

We take great pride in providing our customers with a Quality product which is delivered to you in a timely manner and in working condition.  We take many precautions during our manufacturing and packaging process to ensure that our signs are of the highest quality.

Below is a table which shows our shipping charges for all of our products:

Neon Sign Shipping Charges
Neon Sign Size Shipping Charge
100 Series - 20" x 8" $24.50 / each
150 Series - 24" x 11"
200 Series - 20" x 15"
250 Series - 24" x 18" $29.50 / each
300 Series - 32" x 13"
350 Series - 32" x 16" $36.50 / each
400 Series - 32" x 20"
500 Series - 30" x 24"
Oversized - 30" x 30" $59.00 / each
Oversized - 32" x 27"
Oversized - 36" x 24"
Oversized - 37" x 22"
Oversized - 45" x 15"
* Our Neon Sign Shipping Charges include Packaging Charges, our No Breakage Guarantee, and our Exclusive 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (non-customized signs only).

LED Scrolling Message Signs
LSM-20-01-R $36.50
LSM-40-01-RG $69.00
LSM-60-01-RG $69.00

Static Cling Window Graphic Signs
All Window Graphic Signs $9.95 / up to 12 per case
Static Cling Letter Sets $16.00 / each

Sidewalk Signs
All Sidewalk Signs $39.50 / each
Additional Header Sets $9.95 / each

Window Border Tubing
Single Window Kit $69.00 / each
Two Window Kit $109.00 / each

Neon Clocks
15" Diameter Clocks $16.00 / each
Deluxe Neon Clocks $36.50 / each

All Other Products
Banners $9.95 / each
Glass Tubing (FedEx Ground) $29.50 / per box
LED Open Signs $16.00 / each
Light Boxes $16.00 / each
Neon Marker Boards $24.50 / each
Message Board Signs $21.95 / each
Neon & LED Pictures $36.50 / each
Neon Sculptures $16.00 / each
Remote Control Power Switch $9.95 / each
Sports Signs & NN-VN Series Signs $36.50 / each
Transformers & Ext. Flashers $9.95 / each

  • We do not currently ship Neon Signs to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.  For non-neon sign items, please call for a shipping quote.
  • For Canadian shipments, please call for a quotation; however, we only ship a limited number of our products to Canada locations at this time.  Please call us for Details.
  • Sorry, we cannot ship to countries outside the U.S.
  • Any sign shipments which leave our warehouse via a Freight Pickup will NOT include our Shipping Guarantee.  Any damage incurred during freight transit will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.
  • All cancelled orders may be subject to a $25.00 Cancellation Fee if your order is cancelled after the payment has already been processed. This fee does not apply to products returned under the 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee Warranty.