Shipping Information


All of our Quality Neon Signs are specifically designed, and constructed to withstand the rigors of the "UPS Shipping Process" and are guaranteed not to break.  Any problems are taken care of directly by Jantec, you do not have to file a freight claim or deal with a third party.  Jantec's breakage guarantee is good both throughout the shipping process and also covers accidental breakage during the first 30 days you own your sign (this includes any breakage during the installation process).  Our goal is to make sure your neon sign purchase is a great experience both before and after the sale!

If you are considering ordering a sign somewhere else, it is important to verify that the sign has been constructed to withstand the "UPS shipping process" (if not, breakage may occur for a large percentage of the shipments).  It is also important to verify that the person or company you are buying the sign from guarantees that the sign will arrive unbroken, and will repair or replace it at their expense if it does arrive broken. For an example of this policy see Jantec Neon Products shipping policy (click here).  Simply sending it "insured" and requiring you to file a claim with the carrier will rarely result in any compensation to you  and will not get your broken sign fixed. Most neon signs are manufactured to be hand delivered to their final destination, especially the many signs that you see on on-line auctions. Generally speaking, UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service do not honor claims for neon signs (due to their fragile nature) broken in shipment, even if they were insured.

A description of our shipping charges is as follows:

  • For Neon Sign shipments within the lower 48 states, add the following:
     $39.50 / each (32" x 13" or smaller)
    $46.50 / each (32" x 16" to 32" x 20")
    $79.00 / each (signs larger than 32" x 20")
    This price includes all ground shipping charges (signs are considered "oversized" packages), double boxed over-pack charge, and our exclusive breakage guarantee.

  • For more shipping details or for shipping charges for o9ur various other sign products, please visit the following link:

  • We do not currently ship Neon Signs to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.  For non-neon sign items, please call for a shipping quote.

  • For Canadian shipments, call for a quotation.

  • Sorry, we cannot ship to countries outside the U.S.

    Notes: For signs shipped in multiple sections (it will state "shipped in 2 sections" in the product description), shipping charges apply to each section.