Custom Wedding Neon

Jantec Neon Products is proud to offer 2 levels of sign design.

Not really sure what you want??
Schedule a consultation with one of our design specialists. We will discuss your colors, theme, venue, size requirements, budget constraints, and how you might choose to use your sign after the big day. Our designer will present you with renderings of at least three distinct custom designs. Any of these designs can be tweaked or revised until the design is EXACTLY what you want. There is a $50 fee for this service. $25 can be applied to the purchase of one of the designs; the entire $50 can be applied if you choose to purchase two. This means you can have a custom design service for FREE!

Have a good idea of what you want??
Explain it to our designer and we will get back to you with a price estimate for your design within 1 business day. If the pricing is agreeable, we will create a rendering of exactly what your sign will look like in neon. You are free to tweak or revise the sign as many times as necessary until it is exactly what you are looking for. The $25 fee for this service can be applied to the purchase of your sign, making the artwork FREE!