Jantec Customer Service
At Jantec, we feel that great Customer Service starts with a knowledgeable staff who understands the needs of our customers both before, and after their sign purchase.  We have created this section on our website to help you troubleshoot and resolve any problem that you may be having with one of our neon signs.  Please note that we also have staff available Mon. - Fri. from 8:30 - 5:00 Eastern Standard Time if you are unable to solve your sign problem using our website.  Thanks again for your business with us and please contact us at 814-726-3221 with any questions. 
Neon Sign Problem Guide
If you are having a problem with your Jantec Neon Sign, please use this step-by-step tool to determine the cause of your sign problem, and to help find a solution 
Lets Solve My Problem

Video Help Tools
Below you will find a selection of helpful videos which will guide you through some of the most common remedies which may be recommended in order to solve your neon sign problem. 
Power Supply Replacement  
Replacing a non-working power supply on your neon sign can be done at your location, eliminating the need to re-ship your sign back to us.  With minimal tools, you can have a new power supply installed, and your sign working, in as little as 15 minutes. Video Coming Soon!
Mercury Migration Fix  
Over time, the small amount of mercury inside of a neon tube can "migrate" to one of the electrode ends of one of your glass sections; thus, creating a dim, or dark area in the tube.  This problem can be quickly resolved by "rolling" the mercury inside the tube from one electrode end to the other.  Please watch the following video which will explain this procedure. Video Coming Soon!