Custom Neon Clock


Ready-Made Neon Clocks
Neon clocks, without exception, convey a message of fun. They bring to mind good times, good friends, and the carefree feel of old-time diners with jukeboxes. These clocks can be used to promote products, business logos, or to put something special on the customer's mind. Selling more products benefit both the business owner and the manufacturer.

Jantec Neon carries a large selection of neon clocks available for immediate delivery including: soda and beer manufacturers, automobile and oil companies, Hollywood and music themes, sports and favorite pastimes, and more. We also carry classic chrome styles available in a choice of colors to fit any décor as well as a number of modern themes for a more updated look.

The Custom Neon Clock

Want something really special?

Let Jantec Neon make a one-of-a-kind custom neon clock just for you. We start with a large 24-inch diameter clock in a classic 1950s jukebox style, and then you have the option of adding your own personal message or even a business name (up to 14 letters). You also have four different color themes to choose from. Each clock is meticulously made and accented with genuine hand bent neon tubing.

For just a bit more, the face of your custom neon clock can be modified to display a picture or logo, which makes it a truly distinctive piece.

Get Noticed. Get Neon with a Custom Neon Clock from Jantec Neon.