Lighted Open Signs


Nothing says “Welcome” and “Come Inside” better than Lighted Open Signs from Jantec Neon. If you want to send a clear message to potential customers that you are ready for business, these signs are the way to go. After all, you can’t sell a thing until your customers know you are there. These high-quality products will ensure that your business gets noticed and bring more customers through your door.

Lighted Open SignsAt you will find a wide assortment of Lighted Open Signs suitable for any business.  They come in three different sign types: Neon, LED and Light Boxes; they are also available in English, Spanish or both. In addition to the basic “Open” sign seen in storefronts everywhere, Jantec Neon has a myriad of styles available that are meant to highlight a particular kind of business. For example, there are signs created specifically for salons and spas, coffee shops and restaurants, travel agencies and pharmacies, to name just a few. You will also find ones for florists, massage therapists, tattoo parlors and even dog groomers. No matter what type of business you have, you can find signs that are not only functional but that reflect the personality of your store as well.

For added interest, you might want to consider choosing an animated sign. Adding motion to light attracts even more attention, meaning your open sign is working even harder for you. If you can’t find an appropriate in-stock sign, the talented artists at Jantec Neon would be happy to make one for you. A leading manufacturer of custom neon lights for over 17 years, Jantec Neon can create open signs for your business incorporating your name or logo in beautiful glowing light. Now that is sure to get you noticed.

Lighted Open SignsWhether you decide to get simple Lighted Open Signs or something more elaborate, the purpose is the same: to make sure that not one potential customer passes by your business because they didn’t know it was open. You can’t expect your customers to memorize your business hours. With the flip of a switch, you can let them know that your store is waiting to welcome them.

There is just something about a brightly lit business sign hat beckons people to come inside. It is as if the flashing lights were a command to come closer. Whatever the reason, Lighted Open Signs continue to be a very effective and affordable way to increase traffic for any type of business. 

If you want your business to get noticed, contact Jantec Neon today.