Neon Sign Transformers


Neon Sign Transformers are an integral part of any neon sign. Just as the heart powers the body, transformers provide the spark to bring neon lights to life. The signature glow of a neon light is created when gas-filled tubes are exposed to high-voltage electricity. The transformers provide that electricity to excite the electrons of the neon gas atoms and cause them to illuminate.

Neon Sign Transformers come in a range of voltages to cover varying applications. Larger neon signs require larger transformers to achieve the same level of brightness as smaller signs. The diameter of the tubing also has an effect on which transformers are used. In general, the larger the diameter of the tubing, the larger the transformer should be.

Neon Sign TransformersThere are also certain applications that require two transformers to be attached to one sign. This would be the case, for example, with some “No Vacancy” signs where the “No” flashes on and off by using a separate transformer for each half of the sign. In this way, the “No” can be turned on, off or made to flash without affecting the rest of the sign.

Whenever you purchase neon signs, they should come equipped with transformers appropriate for their size and application. In some instances, the Neon Sign Transformers will fail and must be replaced. When you purchase a replacement, make sure that it provides the right voltage level.

It is also possible to upgrade existing transformers to models that have dimming capabilities. This makes it possible for you to adjust the brightness of your neon sign whenever you wish. This is especially useful in some lighting situations where the sign may seem too bright or too dim..

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