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Got Coffee? Coffee is hot, but if lately your business is not, Neon Coffee Signs can help get your business noticed and get more customers coming through your door. Coffee might be popular, but being an independent coffee shop is still tough. The market for coffee sales is very competitive. However, once you get good customers, they are usually very loyal. They will keep coming back again and again. The hardest part is making sure that potential customers know you are there to begin with. Then you need to get them in the door to give your coffee a try. That’s where Neon Coffee Signs come in.

Neon Coffee SignsNeon Coffee Signs could be just the edge your business needs to outshine the competition. These signs are dependable and inexpensive, and they will promote your business day and night. Nothing catches the eye better than the beautiful colors and distinctive glow of neon light. It is no wonder that neon has been considered an effective form of advertising for almost 100 years.

If you own a coffee shop, bakery, restaurant or any other business that serves coffee and would like to attract more customers, visit to see an incredible array of reasonably priced Neon Coffee Signs. Jantec Neon, a leading manufacturer of custom neon signs for over 17 years, has helped thousands of businesses get noticed with neon, and they can help your business too.

Neon Coffee Signs are a fun, simple way to let the world know you are here and you have coffee. It’s that simple. You can’t sell a single cup of coffee if no one knows you are there. Hidden in a sea of other businesses, you need something to make your business stand out from the rest. That is the power of neon.

Imagine having a neon sign prominently placed in your front widow with a steaming cup of coffee and the word “OPEN” glowing in beautiful neon lights. Anyone who drives by, walks by or may even be shopping on the other side of the street is going to see the sign. Instantly, they know you are there, they know you are open and they know you have coffee. That’s all they need to know to become your very next customer. Now imagine how many people will see that sign every day, every week or in an entire year. For less than the price of one newspaper ad, these signs will promote your business nonstop for years.

Neon Coffee SignsThere is a large selection of Neon Coffee Signs available at You are sure to find something that is perfect for your coffee business. Some signs describe products in words or others in pictures; however, all are very effective. There are signs to let your customers know if you have Wi-Fi, live music, smoothies or food, and the signs even can be customized with your business name.

If you can’t find exactly what you want, Jantec Neon can make it for you. For world-class neon signs, visit today.



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