Common Misconceptions of Neon Signs

Dispel any myths you may have heard and prepare to step into the light with our guide to some of the most commonly held misconceptions of neon signs.

by Jantec Neon • February 12, 2020

Common Misconceptions of Neon Signs

Neon signs have been a popular option for professional marketing and personal decor throughout the years. Though they have remained popular for many decades, the use of neon signs is often accompanied by a bit of uncertainty. The myths surrounding neon signs lead people to believe they’re unsafe or inefficient. Below are some of the most common misconceptions of neon signs to help set the record straight.


Myth 1—Neon signs are unsafe

The most common misconception of neon signs is that they are somehow unstable and therefore unsafe. This concern often stems from the fact that neon signs utilize pressurized gas and electricity to produce their iconic glow. People believe neon to be a harmful gas and worry about inhaling it in the event that the glass casing shatters. Neon and argon gases, the two most common gases used in modern neon signs, are both noble gases and naturally occur in the air we breathe every day. Additional concerns arise from the belief that neon signs use a very high quantity of electricity and are therefore dangerously hot. Neon signs are actually no hotter than a household light bulb and will not produce serious burns if touched.


Myth 2—Neon signs are inefficient

With increasing concerns about environmental consciousness, many people also worry that neon signs are not eco-friendly. On the contrary, all components of neon signs can be recycled and, as we’ve stated, the gases used pose no risk to the environment. Misconceptions regarding efficiency also come in the form of cost-effectiveness. There is a belief that neon signs are more costly to operate than other types of electric signage. Because neon signs utilize the same amount of energy as a light bulb, they are no more costly to operate than a household lamp. Additionally, neon signs can retain their glow for several years, helping you save money over time.


Myth 3—Neon signs are outdated

Though neon signs surged in popularity during the 1960s, they are anything but outdated. There is a common misunderstanding that neon signs do not offer as much creative freedom and versatility as LED signs. However, neon sign design is seemingly limitless. Over 40 different colors can be used in neon signs, and they can be formed into almost any shape. Neon signs are handcrafted by skilled professionals, so whatever design or logo you desire, you can rest assured that your creative visions will be realized.

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