Neon Sign Ideas for Your Restaurant

With these neon sign ideas for your restaurant you can advertise your business far and wide, or you can create a unique dining experience unlike any other.

by Jantec Neon • January 06, 2020

Neon Sign Ideas for Your Restaurant

Restaurateurs are some of the biggest proprietors of neon signs on the market. The warm and comforting glow of the neon sign attracts customers from far and wide, and it invites them inside to dine on truly delectable dishes unlike anything they’ve ever tasted before. When it comes to choosing a custom made neon sign for your restaurant, you may want to consider several design approaches. We explore a few of the most popular neon sign ideas for your restaurant and how they can take your customers’ dining experience to the next level.


As with any sign, the main goal of a custom neon sign is purely to advertise the business to the masses. Therefore, many restaurants elect to take a more traditional approach when designing their business’s neon sign. Designing your neon sign with something as simple as your restaurant’s name will convey the most necessary information to customers while also drawing their eye in an appealing fashion. Though your restaurant’s sign may only include the name of the business, there’s no need for it to look boring. Neon signs can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts, so even if you stick to a more minimalistic style, your sign will still be eye-catching, attractive, and unique.


Many restaurateurs take a more practical stance when designing a neon sign for their business. The most popular practical neon sign idea for restaurants is a simple open sign. Similar to how some businesses choose to only display their company name, as they view this as the most important information for customers, others choose to solely display if the business is currently open and operational. Open signs generally follow a fairly generic style and color scheme, which ensures that customers can easily recognize and understand it. Other neon signs that take a more practical approach include signs displaying the services or dishes offered at the restaurant or a contact number for the company.


For other restaurateurs, the choice to employ a neon sign is purely decorative. Since neon signs are hand made and can be bent into various shapes and designs, the stylistic opportunities for neon signs are essentially endless. Many restaurants elect to incorporate their company’s logo into the design of their neon sign, while others choose to employ symbolic representations of the dishes they offer. Others choose to create an interactive customer experience when designing their signs. Many restaurants and bars design a large neon sign with a witty phrase or intriguing image that invites diners to take a photo alongside the sign. This creates a unique dining experience for customers, and it increases the likelihood that the photo will be shared across social media accounts, which helps create more widespread awareness about the business.

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