Neon Sign Window Display Ideas That Sell

Dress up your front windows with a vibrant flash of color and light with this guide to three different neon sign window display ideas that sell.

by Jantec Neon • April 07, 2020

Neon Sign Window Display Ideas That Sell
Neon Sign Window Display Ideas That Sell

Neon signs have been used in many different manners throughout the years. Whether put to practical use or kept purely for decorative purposes, one fact remains the same: neon signs are stunning in all shapes and sizes. Due to their innate ability to draw the eye of passersby, many business owners utilize neon signs as an instrumental piece in their window displays. This guide explores several different neon sign window display ideas that sell. 

Simple and straightforward

In some instances, less truly is more. Even a seemingly simple neon sign can make a big mark on passing consumers. Neon signs were originally used for informative purposes, whether to display the name of a business or their operating hours. These purposes are still in wide use today and can be a very effective means for drumming up business. Displaying a neon open sign in your front window will provide passing customers the most pertinent information as quickly as possible. You can also utilize neon signage to illuminate the name of your business or to display the type of products sold at your establishment.

Illuminating and innovative

Another great way to put neon to practical use is by using it as a means of illuminating your display window. Use neon to help highlight the items in your storefront window. Consider placing mannequins in front of a neon backdrop or creating a tiered display that’s illuminated at the base by neon lights. Regardless of the weather or time of day, these neon lights will highlight your wares in stunning color. You can also place neon lighting around your window display’s border to help illuminate the entire space at once.

Artistic and appealing

Neon signs can be molded into virtually any shape imaginable. As such, the possibilities for artistic expression are seemingly endless. Embrace your creative streak and craft a custom-made neon sign that unleashes your artistic side. Design an intriguing backdrop for your window display or create a colorful logo to display in your front windows. The more unique the design and color combination of your sign, the more likely it will be to draw in new customers. Whether you work in abstract art or prefer more clear-cut images, displaying an intriguing piece of art in your display window is a great way to catch the eye of consumers.


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