Wedding Decoration Ideas Using Neon

Brighten up your wedding reception and illuminate the happiest day of your life with these three wedding decoration ideas using neon lighting.

by Jantec Neon • May 01, 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas Using Neon

A wedding is a special day, fraught with much excitement, joy, and love. Many people spend weeks, months, and even years planning out their wedding days, ensuring that every detail is absolutely perfect. Ceremony and reception decorations are often a large part of this planning process. The decorations must match with the overall theme of the wedding while also adding a touch of personality to the space. Decorating the space with a custom made neon sign is a great way to achieve all these style elements at once. Neon signs can be used to brighten up your wedding venue in many ways and can add a fun and fashionable touch to the entire space. Below are three great wedding decoration ideas using neon.

Create a photo booth

There’s no better way to document the fun and excitement of a wedding than with a photobooth. Whether you erect an actual booth or prefer to craft a beautiful backdrop for guests to take photos in front of, establishing a special area for photo ops is a great way to keep your guests engaged throughout the entire day. When creating your photo area, be sure to include a vibrant neon sign for guests to pose in front of. The neon sign will serve as both illumination for the photos and a fun prop for guests to pose with. Consider crafting the neon sign in a witty phrase or your wedding’s personalized hashtag. Encourage all guests to post their photos along with the hashtag, as well. This will make it easier to browse through all your guests’ photos once the big day has drawn to a close.

Illuminate the main event

Every minute of a wedding is special, but there are a few moments that require a bit more fanfare than the rest. Highlighting these special moments with neon lighting is a great way to make them even more noteworthy. For starters, consider decorating the wedding altar with a neon sign. This sign will draw all eyes to the main event and keep them focused there for the entire ceremony. The cutting of the wedding cake is also an important moment at many wedding receptions. Consider highlighting the cake or dessert table with a vibrant neon sign that entices guests to dig into the sweet treats at hand. You can also decorate the bar at the reception with a neon sign to really get the party going.

Highlight the happy couple

Perhaps the best wedding decoration idea using neon is to utilize the lighting as a means to highlight the love of the newlyweds. The simplest way to do this is by placing a neon sign above the head table. The sign will cast a warm glow upon the new couple as they dine and listen to toasts from their closest friends and family. Placing a neon sign behind the head table will also make for great wedding photos. As a bonus, the neon sign can be saved after the wedding and put to use as decoration in the happy couple’s home.

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