Tips for Designing Custom-Made Neon Signs

Unleash your inner creativity and design a sign that will dazzle customers from far and wide with these three tips for designing custom-made neon signs.

by Jantec Neon • December 04, 2019

Tips for Designing Custom-Made Neon Signs

Your business’s neon sign will be one of the first things customers notice. As such, you want to make sure it’s designed in a way that’s appealing to the eye and visible from a great distance. To do so, there are some important considerations you must keep in mind. Below are three important tips for designing custom-made neon signs that will ensure your sign is both attractive and effective.

Focus on legibility

Perhaps the most important tip for designing custom-made neon signs is to focus on legibility. Neon signs are made with hand-bent glass tubes and can be bent into nearly any shape. These design options, therefore, are essentially limitless. While neon signs can be shaped to form various fonts, you must be cognizant of each font style’s legibility. Certain font styles, such as cursive, may be more difficult for customers to read and comprehend. Its legibility may become further compromised when the sign is lit.

Legibility should also be considered when choosing your neon sign’s image. Smaller or more intricate images may not be as clearly recognizable as a simpler image would be. Choose a design that’s a bit on the simpler sign, but no less appealing, to ensure that your sign is easily visible and legible from even a great distance.

Consider color

Color is equally as important when designing a custom-logo neon sign. The colors you choose should not only be visible and eye-catching, but they should also complement each other and the sign’s overall design. If you plan to use two or more different colors in your neon sign, you should also consider color theory and the way these colors will appear when adjacent to one another. Certain colors complement each other better than others, and understanding these relationships is very important when choosing the colors you’ll use in your sign. You may also want to consider color psychology and the emotional impact some colors can have on consumers’ emotions and purchasing patterns. For more information on choosing colors for your neon sign, click here.

Select a size

The final consideration when designing a custom neon sign should be size. Your neon sign’s size will greatly depend on the location you intend to hang it. Larger neon signs may be better suited for outdoor use and may require a more powerful energy source than smaller signs. Additionally, consider the distance at which your sign will be visible when choosing a size. Larger signs will be both visible and legible from a much greater distance than smaller signs, which may appear blurry when viewed from a great distance.

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