Guide on How to Wire a Neon Sign

This brief guide explores how to wire a neon sign in three easy steps to ensure that the sign always operates correctly and safely when in use.

by Jantec Neon • June 11, 2020

Guide on How to Wire a Neon Sign

Neon signs have been in production for many years and remain a popular lighting and decor option to this day. Over the years, the technology used to produce neon signs has become more advanced. While the majority of the processes used to produce neon signs have remained unchanged, they have adapted in some ways to become more user friendly. Wiring and powering classic neon signs, for instance, was once a rather involved process. Today, it is relatively simple to install and correctly wire a neon sign. This guide explores how to wire a neon sign safely and efficiently.

Assess requirements of the light

Start by selecting a transformer for your neon light. Not all neon signs will require the same amount of voltage, so be sure to read the label on your sign. The necessary voltage will likely depend on the size of your neon sign as well as the intended use. Additionally, most modern neon signs utilize a self-adjusting transformer. This type of transformer adjusts itself according to the necessary output needed to sufficiently light the sign. Self-adjusting transformers are able to accommodate a wider range of electrical output, which reduces the risk that the mechanism will overheat and trip a safety switch.

Expose necessary wires

Next, you will need to remove the rubber cap at the end of the neon tube. This is sometimes referred to as the electrode boot. This will expose the necessary wires to power your neon sign. Be sure that the power on both the transformer and the sign are off before removing the rubber cap. You will also need to expose the necessary wires on the transformer. Be sure to read the label and instruction manual for the transformer first.

Connect the wires

The final step in this guide on how to wire a neon sign is to connect the wires from the sign to the wires of the transformer. Use your fingers to twist the wires together several times. Be sure to bend the wires in half once they have been twisted together. This will prevent the wires from becoming tangled over time. For added security, you can also wrap the combined wires with electrical tape. Doing this ensures the safety of everyone who comes into contact with the sign. Be sure to take extra care as you handle the neon sign during the wiring process. It can be quite easy to crack the glass when wiring the sign to the transformer, so be sure to support the sign and handle it with extreme care at all times.

For more information regarding the wiring and installation of a Jantec neon sign, refer to these comprehensive installation guidelines.

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